Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hi guys!

Sorry I've been AWOL lately, things got a little crazy with school and then it was Christmas and New Years, so I haven't really gotten a chance to do anything involving blogging or fashion or anything! 

So here's a picture of a dress I got from H&M for $5 on Black Friday! I was so pleased when I bought it, it fits a little odd but if I wear a belt around the waist then it looks great! 

And here's me, just for fun! 

I promise I'll get some legitimate pictures up soon with some actual outfits and such.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year's... I might make a post on my New Year's resolutions once I think of some! What are your resolutions??


  1. you're very pretty!
    I've been looking for a new blog to follow for
    ages and I think yours is it!
    This post is great and i'm going to have to
    go back through old posts now.

    I hope you can check mine out and maybe even follow


  2. Thank you to both of you :)

    Definitely followed Kendra! Such a beautiful blog xx